Given the sensory needs of many of our pupils they are not required to
wear a specific uniform.

However, Pupils are expected to wear plain school trousers (black or
grey) and a plain white shirt/polo shirt.  In summer, school shorts are

No branded clothing should be worn.  Any pupil arriving at school with
branded or designer clothing will be asked to change into a non-branded
item, provided by the school, while in attendance.  They will be allowed
to change back at their normal departure time.

Pupils are welcome to bring plimsoles to wear indoors.  Fashion trainers
and large logo trainers are not acceptable. Outdoor coats and jackets
must be taken off once inside the building and left in the cloakroom.

All equipment required is provided. Pupils are given a complementary
lunch and should not need to bring anything other than a water bottle
with them. Although if a pupil would like to bring a pencil case this is
absolutely fine.

We do not encourage Pupils to bring technology. Mobile
phones/technologies must be handed in and will be stored securely for
the school day as per the RHA safeguarding policy.